P400 – Multi-Frequency 400 & 900 MHz Wireless Modem

For the ultimate solution in design flexibility and size sensitive applications, consider the Pico Series P400 radio platform. Offering software selectable ISM 900 MHz & Licensed 400MHz modes, in a single module, the P400 provides an economical solution with the design flexibility, features, and performance never seen before!


  • Supports up to 345 kbps
  • Software Selectable 400 MHz & 900 MHz Bands
  • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint
  • Master, Remote, Repeater Modes
  • Industrial Temperature (-55C to +85C)
  • Adjustable Transmit Power 100mW-2W
  • Miniature Size (1.05″x1.3″x0.13″)
  • Only 5 grams!
  • Compatible with some GPS Radio Transceivers
  • Quad Filter Stages provides Extreme Noise and Interference Rejection
  • Selectable Forward Error Correction (FEC), 32 bits of CRC, and 128-bit AES (Export Permit Required)
  • Microhard Compatibility with 920F


  • Utility Meters
  • Remote Telemetry
  • Electric, Oil, and Gas Sensors/Detection
  • Display Signs
  • Industrial Applications


  • FCC, IC



Pico Serial Motherboard (MHS105870)

The Pico Serial Motherboard allows customers to fully test and deploy the Pico Series modules without the need to develop custom PCB interface solutions. The integrated socket allows for quick replacement of modules, and the standard software selectable RS232/RS485 DB9 interface ensures quick connection to field devices.

Pico OEM Socket (MHS106000)

The Pico Series OEM socket allows you to fully integrate your Pico modem into your design while retaining the ability to swap modules with ease. The Pico Series OEM Socket is used with the below socket cover to ensure the Pico module is and remains properly seated in the OEM socket.

Pico Enclosed Power Supply (MHS025096)
The MHS025096 Power Supply enables you to get up and running quickly by simply plugging the power supply into an AC outlet, and with the molded 4 pin connector, directly into a Pico Enclosed products.

P400 资料下载


Pico Series P400.Operating Manual.v1.33




P400 Firmware v1.0432.img
Posted by Paul Hass, Last modified by Paul Hass on 09 September 2016 09:15 AM
Attached is the firmware v1.0432 for the Pico P400. It is recommended to use the AT Upgrade Utility to load the firmware file.






P400 Library Symbol

Pico Series Enclosed 3D Model STEP

Pico Series OEM 3D Model STEP

Pico Series PCB footprint Layout (LLB) & Gerber Files