FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 LTE-Advanced Router

The router for critical on-the-move communications Rugged, high-speed and secure – now available in FirstNet Ready models, with single or dual cellular modules, built specifically for the FirstNet® nationwide Primary and Extended Primary network.

Embedded Systems

Connect your devices with versatile modules and powerful single-board computers designed for rapid deployment and scalability.

IoT Platform

Maintain a constant flow of data between your devices with secure cellular routers and gateways built to handle networks of various speeds and sizes.

Iot Platform

Manage your entire network from a single online dashboard that allows you to monitor your device deployment , control individual modules, and ensure data privacy and security.

IoT Services

Take your ideas from paper to production with Digi Wireless Design Services or leverage our Professional Services to deploy, manage, and maintain your devices and networks.







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About the Industrial IoT: Definition, Use Cases and Application Examples
What is the Industrial IoT, or IIoT? The Industrial Internet of Things is the use of connected smart devices in industrial applications for purposes such as automation, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. The IIoT is a more robust version of the Internet of Things, or IoT which is the realm of connected devices in commercial…