Food Safety

Increase food safety visibility and reduce risk with real-time monitoring solutions from SmartSense. Proactively detect temperature excursions through efficient management of HACCP compliance logging and incident management workflows.

Facility Monitoring

Remotely monitor temperatures in facility equipment, collect analytics, and eliminate error-prone and labor-intensive logging tasks while maintaining quality control and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Pharmacy Monitoring

Improve product safety and ensure FDA and VFC compliance with continuous temperature and humidity monitoring in your pharmaceutical temperature management systems.

Supply Chain Visibility

Maintain temperature-sensitive product quality and safety with automated monitoring and reporting during the transit process. SmartSense by Digi offers trailer, yard, and cold storage reporting.


Young Consumers Put Their Money on Environment-Friendly Restaurants

21st century consumers care more about sustainable business practices than ever before – Millennials in particular. By 2025, this generation will represent 75% of the workforce and will have $2.75 trillion in spending power globally. A recent Nielsen global online study found that Millennials are most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings – almost three-out-of-four respondents in the latest findings, up from approximately half in 2014.