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IP Discovery v1.11

The attached Utility is a free Microhard Utility that is used to detect any Microhard device that is attached to your network/PC. IP Discovery uses broadcast messages to detect for any devices and does not need to be on the same subnet/address space as th…


pMDDL5824-crpd-v1_4_0-r1020.bin (7.81 MB)

Posted by Paul Hass, Last modified by Paul Hass on 28 January 2020 11:24 AM

Attached below is the most recent released version of the firmware for the pMDDL5824 and pMDDL5824-ENC.


Firmware v1.4.0-r1020 (Jan 2020)

1. Added Quick Tx rate setting
2. Added Tx auto rate with ceiling rate option
3. Added Switching operation BW between 8MHz and 4MHz without dropping RF link

1. Updated SNMP MIB files
2. Updated AT commands
3. USB bridge to LAN request by default
4. Restoring config file through ftp