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P900 Miniature Mesh 1W 900 MHz Wireless Modem

For the ultimate solution for cost and size sensitive applications, consider the P900. The P900 features an extremely small footprint for tight OEM integration and design flexibility. The P900 offers a robust, low cost solution with advanced features such as Self Healing Mesh and PMP modes with auto-routing capabilities!


  • Supports up to 276kbps
  • Very Low Cost
  • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh
  • True Self Healing Mesh, Auto Routing, Store & Forward
  • Master, Remote, Repeater, Mesh
  • Industrial Temperature (-55C to +85C)
  • Adjustable Transmit Power 100mW-1W
  • Miniature Size (1.05″x1.3″x0.13″)
  • Only 5 grams!
  • Low power consumption in Sleep & Sniff modes
  • Quad Filter Stages provides Extreme Noise and Interference Rejection
  • Selectable Forward Error Correction (FEC), 32 bits of CRC, and 128-bit AES (Export Permit required outside Canada & USA)


  • Utility Meters
  • Remote Telemetry
  • Electric, Oil, and Gas Sensors/Detection
  • Display Signs
  • Industrial Applications


  • FCC
  • Industry Canada
Model Qty. MSRP
P900 1 $79 USD