FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 LTE-Advanced Router

The router for critical on-the-move communications Rugged, high-speed and secure – now available in FirstNet Ready models, with single or dual cellular modules, built specifically for the FirstNet® nationwide Primary and Extended Primary network.


Maximizing uptime and reducing costs for processes and heavy machinery.

Smart Cities

Efficient, real-time protection and services for cities that never sleep.


Monitoring and management of smart grids, digital oil fields and tank farms.


Securely connecting patients in hospitals and homes to vigilant caregivers.


Rugged sensors, cellular devices and onboard systems for applications on the go.


Total security, reliability, and availability for a world of nonstop transactions.


About the Industrial IoT: Definition, Use Cases and Application Examples
What is the Industrial IoT, or IIoT? The Industrial Internet of Things is the use of connected smart devices in industrial applications for purposes such as automation, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. The IIoT is a more robust version of the Internet of Things, or IoT which is the realm of connected devices in commercial…