Microhard PDDL2450 Datasheet

IP Discovery v1.11

The attached Utility is a free Microhard Utility that is used to detect any Microhard device that is attached to your network/PC. IP Discovery uses broadcast messages to detect for any devices and does not need to be on the same subnet/address space as th…


Attached is the latest released version of firmware for the pDDL2450.

This firmware can only be used to upgrade the firmware in modems with version v1.3.0-r1022 or newer.

pDDL to IPnDDL Interface Adapter Card

Attached are the available models for the pDDL to IPnDDL Adapter Card. This adaptor is used to evaluate pDDL modems in IPnDDL carrier designs. Included are the STEP drawing as well as a 3D pdf.

Pico Ethernet Motherboard 3D STEP Model

Attached is the 3D STEP model of the Pico Series Ethernet Motherboard used with the pX2 and pDDL OEM modules.


pDDL900 3D Model (STEP + 3D PDF)

Attached is the 3D drawing of the pDDL900 OEM module in STEP format. Also attached is the 3D PDF. 

pX2, pDDL, pMDDL Library Symbol

Attached is the pX2 / pDDL / pMDDL Orcad Library symbol (OLB format) to aid in the schematic integration of the pX2, pDDL & pMDDL OEM module.

Pico Series PCB footprint Layout (LLB) & Gerber Files

Attached is the PCB footprint in LLB format for the pico series OEM modules. This footprint can be used for the P2400, P900, P400, pX2, pDDL, pMDDL modules.  Included in the library file is the footprint for the Pico Series OEM modules and the Pico OEM …


Attached is a 3D model of the pDDL & pMDDL OEM module in STEP format.
Attached are a 3D step model, dimensional drawings and pad foot print for the optional OEM Socket. The OEM socket is for the Pico Series products including the pMDDL, pDDL, pX2, P2400, P900 and P400 products.   Attached Files: – Pico_OEM_SOCKET_3D_S…

Attached Files:

– Pico_OEM_SOCKET_3D_STEP.zip: 3D Model of Pico Socket

– Pico_OEM_SOCKET_Drawing_v2.pdf: 2D dimensioned drawings of socket including PCB layout information.

– Recommend PICO.LLB: Library file for PCB Layout for Pico Socket and Pico Series OEM modules.

– Recommend PICO_SMT_80_SOCKET Gerber.zip: Recommended Gerber files for the Pico Socket.

– Pico_SOCKET_PAD_DATA.dwg: Pad layout drawing in autocad dwg format