This is the User Manual for the Pico Series P2400 Product.



Attached is the firmware for the P2400 product. This firmware can be used for the P2400 OEM module as well as the P2400-ENC enclosed model. Also attached is a simple utility that is used to load the firmware on P2400 modules. Release Notes: FIRMWARE …



Attached is the Radio Network Editor (RNE). A free software utility that can be used to plan, configure and monitor radio networks. The RNE (Radio Network Editor) is designed to work with most of our serial based radios, and some monitoring capabilities for our IP (Ethernet) and Broadband based radios.


The attached utility is used to upgrade the firmware in the Pico & Nano Series products.

Pico Config & USB FTDI Driver v1.3

Attached is the Pico Config, a utility that can be used to configure the P900 or P400 Enclosed using the diagnostics port (USB). Included are the utility and the required FTDI USB Driver.


运行在Windows7 &Windows 串口调试工具,可以调试PICO系列数传,与Microhard手册相匹配


运行在Windows7 &Windows 串口调试工具,可以调试PICO系列数传,非常专业,好用。